There was no cutting them into pieces, but if bugs were Papa Roach's last resort for food, they'd probably do okay. The band recently joined First We Feast for a new challenge, taste testing a variety of insects as an alternate food source, and you can watch the results below.

While it may sound somewhat gross to some people, the insects tested are actually good sources of nutrition and have been deemed as a possible alternate food source with the world's population expected to continue to explode. During a portion of the video piece above, Bugible's Aly Moore reveals that the insects used during this taste test have all nine essential amino acids necessary for protein synthesis and act as a super food.

The guys join First We Feast host Sean Evans for the challenge, with Jacoby Shaddix initially showing some reluctance. "I thought I was going to be cool with it this morning, but then I showed up and I'm looking at these bugs in the jar and I'm like uhhhhh," revealed Shaddix. But he and his bandmates all decided to continue with the challenge.

Opening with some honey roasted crickets, everyone seemed okay with the challenge. Drummer Tony Palermo actually enjoyed it so much, he downed his entire plate. Next came the fire brimstone flavored mealworms, which the band struggled with a bit more. "The taste was not too bad, but it was just the idea in my mind of a worm," explained Shaddix.

After partaking in some Chapulines (aka grasshoppers) and the "buttery, nutty" armor-tailed scorpion, the band went for what was deemed the full bug experience, taking on a june bug. Tobin Esperance winced, and the band as a whole gave a thumbs down to the both the grasshoppers and june bugs.

The final part of the challenge was a taste test to determine if the guys could figure out which breakfast burrito had insects in it and the end result was a split decision. Luckily the guys don't have to eat insects and bugs on a regular basis. They should continue dining well after the release of the Crooked Teeth album on May 19.

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