Pearl Jam have announced a new tour with the Pixies- huge news right! Well, there's one major hitch.

Initially when I saw the announcement, my heart skipped a beat.  I saw a headline by the New York Post and thought "oh my god yes, Pearl Jam, Pixies, I am THERE".  Except, I won't be.

This headline was the ultimate click-bait, because as I realized after I clicked, the entire tour is overseas.  Talk about a hitch.  Sure, the announcement is exciting, IF THEY WERE COMING HERE.  Who knows, maybe they still will be.  Usually, one tour announcement leads to more, so I've got my hopes up.

Nonetheless, my heart sank as I scrolled through the tour dates listed at the New York Post and saw locations like Berlin, Krakow, and Budapest.  Sure, let me just hop on the next plane to catch some Pearl Jam in Berlin...

I then went to the official Pearl Jam site and verified that yes, all of the tour dates are overseas.  But like I said, I am holding out hope that one announcement leads to more, and we'll be able to see Pearl Jam and the Pixies come to a more convenient and drive-able location.

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