Over the weekend I watched, as the video featuring the audio of Flounder's interview with Cory Taylor, and my kittens, doing things that kittens do, receive close to 100 views an hour. 

Currently the video has 11 likes and 1 dislike, and I suspect that the 1 dislike is from Corey Taylor, but that's not important, because the video gained over 3,000 views, over the weekend, and I don't know if the attention it's getting is because of Corey Taylor or my kittens?

I looked to the comments for an answer, there is one comment from Prima Omega who says "Awwwww. Those cats are adorable. Very cute. If they are up for adoption, give me a call."

Out of over 3,000 views, the video has 11 likes, 1 dislike, and one person who thinks they are a Transformer who wants to adopt my kittens, and the views keep on going up.

For some reason, I think people are only watching the video, because of the kittens.

I hope that my kittens are making some metal head's day, when someone forces them to watch this 'cute kitten video' and they hear Corey Taylor being interviewed. However I wonder how many people watched the video and had no idea who Corey Taylor is?

While observing how many views the video was getting per hour, I asked a friend if he could explain the phenomenon to me, I found his response mildly disturbing: He said that he once spent 10 minutes watching a video of a cat trying to fit in to a box, that the cat looked too big for. "Silly Kitty you can't fit in that box." He said, "Then the cat got in to the box, I could not believe I spent 10 minutes watching a cat trying to fit in to a box, then I saw a link for the same cat trying to fit in to a different box, so I clicked on it."

I guess I need to make more videos of my kittens, who are being rewarded today for helping this video gain so many views, by getting fixed.