With summer grilling season almost upon us, do you have the right backyard grill to make the steaks, hamburgers and hot dogs taste perfect?  There are actually many different types of grills some may or may not work for you.  There are some key things to consider when purchasing a grill.


Grills are categorized into types and there are several to choose from.

  • Gas - with propane tanks or bottles
  • Gas - with a home line
  • Charcoal
  • Wood - BBQ Smokers
  • Electric - George Foreman Grill

Propane grills are the most convenient type of grill and are easy to operate.  Push a botton and instant flame.  The propane tank has to be filled depending on how many times you grill depends on how fast you'll need to swap or get it filled.  Make sure before you invite guest over that you have enough gas to handle the cooking.  You can easily swap Propane tanks at a Home Depot or get one filled at a local propane filling station.  But if you want to come home from work and throw steaks down for dinner then the Propane grill is your choice.

If your home is equipped with natural gas, for a small fee you can arrange to have the gas flow out of your house directly to your grill.   It's the same as propane, however there is no tank to fill or swap - and you'll always have gas as the grill is directly link to your home gas line.   Make sure to have an experienced professional install the home line to your grill.


Charcoal and smokers are more work and messier, but you'll get the charcoal/wood flavor embedded into your food. These types of grills are low tech. The wait time is longer but the flavor from cooking with charcoal is worth it.


Electric - George Foreman grills are simple and can be used indoors throughout the year to create your steak masterpiece.   Just plug in and grill.

Size does matter when selecting a grill.  The bigger the grill the more costly. Decide on the type of cooking and grilling you would be using it for.  If you like small family gatherings, camping or tailgating then a smaller type grill will work for you.  If you like entertaining and have a large family then you'll want a large 4 -5 burner grill.  Be prepared to pay $200- $1000 depending on how many bells and whistles you desire.

You'll find all kind of grills on the market.  Some are already put together or if you like a challenge be ready to spend 2-3 hours putting one together.  Either way there is no 'Best Grill' it all depends on personal preference.  So get out and grill and enjoy some great eats!


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