Late yesterday evening a small single engine plane crashed in the town of Berne, and authorities report that the pilot was killed as a result of the crash. 


A scary moment for the hilltowns of the Capital Region yesterday.  A small single engine plane went down in the woods in Berne, NY.  Right now YNN is reporting that the pilot was killed in the crash, but his identity is not being released.

This is crazy, and apparently the crash was pretty bad as the Albany County Sheriffs are saying that the plane is in multiple pieces.  They do say that it doesn't look like the pilot was from the area though.  Even crazier was the my brother was close by when the crash happened!

What are the odds?  Him and his friend were cleaning up a camp site that they were planning on using in the coming weeks when a man stumbled out of the woods.  That alone would be scary, especially in the hilltowns.  I would have thought I was going to be in the sequel to Deliverance. This guy tells him and his friend that a plane just crashed not even a mile away.  Amazing.

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