Last Saturday, 100-year-old Larry Steinfeld came back to his Boston apartment to find someone walking out of his place. Upon further inspection, Steinfeld noticed that his $100 winning scratch-off lottery ticket had been stolen. So he called the cops.

The police were called and Waltham Police Officer Tom Bryant responded.  He went to local convenience stores and was able to track down security footage of the suspect cashing the ticket, which lead to the arrest of a man that lives in Steinfeld's building. Unfortunately, though, the money could not be recovered. So, officer Bryant went back to the police station and left out an envelope to take up a collection for Steinfeld!  How awesome is that?!

As of this news story, Larry had no idea about the collection that was taken up on his behalf.  And the total amount raised has not yet been announced.  But knowing how things work when news stories like this go viral, chances are that Larry will be receiving money for many, many weeks or months to come!

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