Tickets were given out for noise violations to some Albany area college students on Wednesday, Feb. 7.

According to the Times Union, there were reports of college students throwing loud parties during the winter snow storm Wednesday afternoon, leading to tickets being given out for alleged noise violations.

Students were said to be blocking Hudson Ave. with tables set up in the street (one would assume for beer pong) which drew police to the area to issue tickets. People were gathered in the street and at house parties when the police arrives. In all, six people were ticketed and all are expected in city court Thursday.

Oh, those Albany college kids! No word on what they were listening to but we could only hope that they had Q103 cranking during the rager. Looking back at Wednesday's Q playlist, it's very possible that the kids were rocking out to a healthy dose of STP, G n'R and Van Halen. I hope police cut the kids a break. If it's too loud, you're too old! Well, that's what they say anyways.