I don't know how you feel, but I'm thinking that Japan is on it! I mean come on, three wheel bikes are sick, but now, you can ride your 'no balance needed' trike-bike exclusively equipped with a toilet. Thurrrrp!  Thank you Japan, ya'll some ingenious mothers.

In all honesty, three wheel bikes are lame. They really are. Yeah fine, anyone with half a brain can now pick up a trike and cruise around the mean streets of Murrica and feel like a Harley riding fool. But can they poop, wipe and ride- at the same time? That is yet to be determined!

Long story short- You take a dump. Your dump is converted to biogas, off you go! So, hop on your Poo Trike, grab some Taco Bell and drop some dook, cause now you're free to see the world like a Hoveround and s---.


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