Every so often, I’ll see a video online and think, “How I would hate to be that person." However, when a video of a dude basically fighting a Great White surfaces, I get super jealous.

This guy poked Jaws in his freaking face and lived to talk about it. Not only is he talking about it, but the whole world gets to see what a shark charmer he is.

All my life I've wanted to get bitten by a shark but I think this video has changed my dreams. I still wholeheartedly want to get bitten by a shark, but now I too want to punch Jaws square in the nose. You hear that, Jaws? I’m coming for you and I’m coming out swinging!

PS: How about at the end of this video, it says “Don’t try this at home,” as if you have a giant Great White shark just sitting at home or something.