The Powerball is now at an all-time high 425 Million Dollars, a record for the game. If I can take that payout in cash, I would pocket $184,178,940 smackers. What are some things around here that I could buy with that kind of loot? Let's dream!

If I can win Wednesday's Powerball jackpot, an estimated 425 million dollars, I would take the cash option at $184,178,940.  I know, a smart man would take annual payments as you can bring home more in the long run.  However, let's be honest - I think I could live well off of almost 200 mil.  Here are a few things I could splurge on around the Capital Region:

1) I would buy the Tri-City Valley Cats. Yes, I love baseball.  Yes, the 'Cats have set team records for attendance and just came off a trip to the title game last season so this could be a sure fire money maker. However, I'm already rich! I'm not buying the team to make a profit, I'm buying the team to rig the hot dog race. If you go to the Valley Cat games, you know all too well that Ketchup, Mustard and Relish race around the field on bikes.  Ketchup and Mustard get motorized bikes while Relish pedals his way to a last place finish every night.  If I win the big dollars, Relish gets a Spitzies.

2) Jumpin Jacks Drive-In.  What's your favorite day of the summer?  Without a doubt, the day that Jumpin Jacks opens has to be high on your list.  Jackburger and a chocolate shake, please.  If I won the big dollars, I would buy JJ's!  Who wants a Monte Malt?

3) I would run for Mayor of Albany.  Uncle Jerry may have some competition - I look good in Orange. Would you vote for Monte?



4) The Capital Holiday Lights in the Park.  I love the Lights in the Park, Christmas is my favorite time of the year.  Buying the Lights would be perfect as my soon to be three year old nephew would be in awe that I now have Santa Claus on my staff.  Think about that - access to the jolly guy any time I want.  "Trent, don't throw snow balls or Santa won't bring you a present." *Dials Santa* "Yo, big guy..."

5) A date with Marisa Jacques of YNN. A nice lookin' lady who hosts a sports show? Darn tootin'.  I'd have 184 million bucks to find a nice spot for dinner.  677 Prime?  P.F. Changs?  A bite to eat, a movie at Colonie and top the night off with a game Siena game. How could she say no to a Mayor with 184 million bucks and Santa on speed dial?



So, what would you do if you won the jackpot on Wednesday?


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