My parents used to take my brother, sister and I to the Colonie Town Pool when we were kids, it would be awkward if they took us there now because over the years I have developed a fear of public pools and restrooms.

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Public pools scare me because accidents happen in the publics pants when they are swimming in a public pool.

This one time when my mom took my brother, sister and I to a public pool my nose started bleeding and I did not know it. I was splashing around having a good time, going underwater and trying to handstands and pretending I was Superman, I saw my mom and said "Hey Mom!" with a big smile and then my mom screamed because I had blood all over my face.

The changing room at the public pools always smells weird, it always smelt like boogers and body oder to me, so I can never get hungry at a public pool snack bar.

I like going to a lake or a beach because you're supposed to expect for gross things to be in the water, the water at a beach or a lake is home to those gross things, but when you see something gross in a public pool it ruins your whole day, you start to wonder what else is in that pool?

I don't mind Water Parks though, but the last time I was at the Great Escape my son kept wanting me to take him on the lazy river. I would prop him up on a tube and hold him as I slowly pushed him around, then I came to the realization that people are rubbing gross things on those tubes, then other people that think they are washing those tubes off rinse the gross stuff into the water.

Just talking about all of this makes me want to take a shower.

My fear of public restrooms has nothing to do with other peoples gross stuff but my own, wiping is never enough for me if I go number 2, I always need a shower afterward and if you think that I am weird because of this, well at least I'm not walking around with a poopy butt.