Extended Pool Hours & Cooling Stations for Weekend Heat Wave
There’s a heatwave coming to the Capital Region this weekend. It is summer, so not that shocking.
Nonetheless, hot sunny weather can cause for dangers like sunburn, dehydration, and even heatstroke.  So it is pretty cool (no pun intended) that some areas in the Capital Region are…
Capital Region Pools Land on List for Worst Health Violations
Hot summer days call for a dip in the pool. But is that water you’re going in to really that sanitary? I mean, I swim in pools one way or another.  But, when you start to think about it, there are a whole lot of different people that share public pools, which means a whole lot o…
Swimming Days Extended
It's not fall yet and Governor Cumo wants you to take advantage of summer activities, like swimming, while it's still here!
Public Pools Scare Me
My parents used to take my brother, sister and I to the Colonie Town Pool when we were kids, it would be awkward if they took us there now because over the years I have developed a fear of public pools and restrooms.
Alice In Chains
Alice in Chains drummer and original band member Sean Kinney opened up to me about his music and favorite swim attire.