It was a Ruff season but it all boils down to Sunday. Puppy Bowl IX is sure to be exciting with, Chestnut back on the field after his suspension for banned milk bones and Biscuit looking stronger than ever.  

I cannot begin to explain my anticipation for the puppy bowl. This year might be a ruff rough one for me to watch since I feel a little torn. I happen to be a fan of the 49ers and for them to be in the super bowl makes it hard for me to choose whether to watch Puppy Bowl IX or Super Bowl XLVII? I know I know, the answer is easy right? I should just DVR the Super bowl and catch all the hard hitting un-puppy like conduct and intense water bowl camera shots. Check out this year’s lineup of the puppy bowl IX! I may be making the call premature, but I'm pretty sure Sally is going to take MVP (Most Valuable Puppy) this year.