Has your Favorite team ever let you down? Have you ever made the mistake of having too much faith in them that you were willing to bet a tattoo over it? Check out what this idiot had to follow through on when he and his friend placed a bet over the Denver Broncos game vs. the New England Patriots.

The Bet was if the Broncos won then the New England fan had to get a Tim Tebow tattoo. And if the opposing friend’s team won then He had to get Head Coach Bill Belichick’s name tattooed on his body.

I am not a high fan of foot ball but I would absolutely despise having Belichicks name on my body. I had a wrestling coach in College who I have grown to hate over the years. The strange thing is, this coach of mine had an unhealthy man crush for Coach Belichick and his coaching philosophies. However, with my hatred towards my College Coach aside, I think overall Tattoos are a bad idea. However this might have been one of the ultimate wins in betting history. Money comes and goes, and material good can break. But that Belichick tattoo is going to be on this mans hip forever as a constant reminder that “he was wrong” about his predictions.