Head's up Capital Region! New York State Troopers are heading out in full force to make sure you are paying attention to the roads and not your cell phone.

This month New York State Troopers and Highway Patrol Units across the country will be paying extra special attention to whats going on with your hands and head while you are behind the wheel.

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month and this month authorities are making a ticketing push to remind drivers that "It Can Wait". Look, I am sure that there isn't a driver n the roads that hasn't once glanced at a text while driving but let's be honest here, it is really not worth it. All it takes is a split second to change your life and multiple others for ever. This month is the perfect excuse to start the practice of putting your phone away in the car. Whether it's in your bag, pocket, or mounted on the dash. If you are driving a vehicle you probably want to make sure it's out of your hands.

This month if you're caught using your phone it could result in a pretty hefty fine. You will want to be especially vigilant the week of April 12th-16th according to the Times Union

In New York, troopers will be out in force April 12 to 16 in marked and unmarked vehicles to "aggressively" ticket drivers caught using cell phones or other handheld devices, the State Police said Monday. The agency will also operate checkpoints during the enforcement weekend.

They aren't playing with you either last year during the distracted driving campaign police ticketed over 2,000 drivers in New York that were caught texting or talking on a cell phone while driving. And those tickets don't come cheap! Your first offense has a maximum fine of $200 and that cost goes up to $450 by your third!

Stay safe out there Cap Region.