Jackass star rumored to join Three Stooges movie; New Super 8 trailer; A Conan The Barbarian reboot on the way.Some pretty cool things can be expected from the movie industry this summer and one of those is the new sci-fi suspense thriller Super 8.  Now each one of the trailers released so far has given just a little bit more information than the last, but pretty much left us knowing nothing about the actual film.  J.J Abram's is the director so you know he won't reveal much. From what this brand new trailer reveals it looks like this one is going to have us on the edge of our seat just like Cloverfield did back in 2008.


On the Three Stooges movie front, it looks like Jackass alum Johnny Knoxville could be getting ready to join the cast.  Variety recently reported that Knoxville is the leading candidate to play Moe Howard.  This movie has been in the "works" process for years now but sources over at FOX say that if Knoxville accepts the part it will get things rolling so they can cast the rest of the parts.

Originally Jim Carrey, Benicio Deltoro and Sean Penn had interests in the role but if Knoxville is to play Moe than that will lead to younger casting for the other Stooges. So who else would fit the part in this modern day stooges flick?  Maybe Jack Black as Curly?  Someone like Vince Vaughn as Larry?  I have no idea.  As a matter of fact I am very skeptical on this one.  At first I thought it was going to be a bio pic, but now according to studio sources it's going to basically be a remake of the old stooge films, but with the other guys playing the parts.  I thought things like that were a sort of hollowed ground.  Guess I was wrong.  It will be interesting to see how this one works out. For more Stooges news, check out this blog by Q-Tease Jen.

More movie trailer updates.  This one has the potential to be awesome.  It looks like they are going to reboot, or I guess remake Conan: The Barbarian.  In the lead role is Jason Momoa, who most of us are unfamiliar with.  He is known for his work on the TV show Stargate:Atlantis and also did some work on Baywatch.   he has some big shoes to fill since Arnold Schwarzenegger is the original.  The brand new teaser trailer hit the internet late last night, and I'll be honest it looks pretty awesome.  The film is scheduled for release this August.

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