If you can't  make it out the see Rob Dawes and the Q103 Q-Tease this morning at the Sport Island Pub, then you can check out the party online as they have a webcam set up for you're viewing pleasure. 


In case you didn't know Q103 is doing a live broadcast from The Sport Island Pub this morning from 8am till Noon.  Obviously we know that it's early and not all of you can be there to kick off the weekend with Rob and The Q-Tease girls, but you can at least check out a live view of it via their webcam!

I love when places do this.  It's such a cool way to let people know what's going on while they aren't there.  It's also a great way to figure out how the weather is on the great Sacandaga lake.  So if you are missing out on all the action this morning make sure to check out the webcam and join in with the party right from your desk or from at home!