With Aerosmith coming to Albany this summer, we decided to see what some of our favorite local artists like about "America's greatest rock 'n roll band".  Frank Palangi was more than happy to help us countdown his favorite tunes. There is a certain sound that Aerosmith has.  It's a sound that you recognize right from the first note of one of their songs.  It's probably one of the reasons why they have the staying power that they do in the rock world.

Frank Palangi noticed that about the boys in Aerosmith, and had this to say about them.

Frank Palangi:

Aerosmith in general has raw emotion, and a cool, laid-back (but rockin') energy about them. They moved on with the times and still stand on the top in my opinion. "Somebody" is not as known, but a very cool tune. The first two records are really great. You can see the hint of Tyler's soon-to-be full rocker voice progressing! Guitar work on these are routed around the melody and don't over-play tracks. Everything about them in general are a timeless band that will last.

So what are Franks favorite Aerosmith songs?  Here are his top five:

5. Sweet Emotion

4. Somebody

3. Dude Looks Like A Lady

2. Dream On

1. Walk This Way

Aerosmith hits the Times Union center on June 22, and you can get your tickets now.   You can check out Frank Palangi this Friday night at Northenr Lights as he is set to open up things for the Trapt show, and keep up with Frank on his official Facebook page.