We complain about the snow and the cold all winter long. We look forward to the warm weather where we can go outside without having to layer up and strap on our boots. But we forget something. The pests are coming back soon.

Although it’s still pretty cold out this year, the cold will not last and it will be gone soon but we’re not home free because as my six-year-old son pointed out to me: the bees are going to wake up.

Unfortunately, it’s not just the bees.

The Capital Region is home to many pests, here is a list of the Top 5 Pests that are waking up.

5. Skunks:

Skunks are not too bad because they come out at night most of the time and you can smell them coming and going but that means that your dog can smell them too.

4. Bees:

I know that bees serve some kind of important purpose in nature and that you should leave them alone and let them do their thing, but bees sting. Getting stung by a bee sucks, especially if you're allergic to them.

And if bee’s are so smart then why do they fly up to me sometimes and start checking me out like they don’t know if I am a flower or not?

3. Cyclists:

I am not talking about people who’s bike is their transportation, I am talking about people who own other vehicles and choose to ride their bicycle in the middle of Central Ave during heavy traffic hours for no apparent reason.

You can always tell who they are because if it’s someone he needs their bike for transportation they are wearing normal clothes and usual have a backpack.

I am talking about the people with their special suits, with their special helmets and special sunglasses who give you a dirty look if you don’t put yourself in danger avoiding them.

Of course there is nothing wrong with riding a bike, and there is nothing wrong with having a hobby, but when you’re the one person on a bike screwing up traffic on a busy road, you’re a pest.

2. Ticks:

I was bit by 2 last year then I had to go to the doctor to get blood drawn, twice. Ticks are tiny and get on your pets and in your clothes, sometimes you don’t know that they are on you until they pop or you accidentally find them, or in my case you wake up at 4:00 AM and look in the mirror and see tiny little legs sticking out of your neck.

1. Dan America:

Around this time of the year Dan America can be seen wandering the Capital Region in search of cheeseburgers and things to complain about. If you see him, don’t feed him, he won’t follow you or anything if you do but he will complain about the food you give him.

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