John Rambo is waging a console war of his own when Rambo: The Video Game arrives this month. Check out the latest trailer to get a glimpse into what life as an unstoppable killing machine is really like.

While the Sly Stallone likeness isn't exactly on point, the action is definitely reminiscent of what we've come to expect from the 'Rambo' movies. Well, aside from 'First Blood' anyway. Remember when Rambo was a just a guy trying to live his life after the war, and wasn't able to rock an M-60 with one hand in order to fend off enemy soldiers in Afghanistan? Yeah, there used to be an actual character in there, and not just muscle, sinew and testosterone.

Regardless of your thoughts on whether or not the movies were good for the character, you can't deny that this game doesn't appear to be capturing the essence of the later 'Rambo' films. That said, there's something a bit off about the whole presentation of this affair. Some of the lighting in the jungle looks pretty decent, but boy, these character models are definitely awkward as all get out. Also, which perspective is this game from? There's a lot of action going on in third-person, but some of the sneaking and shooting is in FPS style. It's a bit bizarre.

At the moment, there doesn't appear to be a U.S. release for Rambo: The Video Game, but European audiences can expect to join in the fighting later this week on the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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