Ah, mashups — the lovable videos that remind us that polarizing music worlds really aren't all that different after all. Another unlikely pairing has surfaced in "I Heard it Round and Round the Grapevine," where Ratt's smash hit meets a Marvin Gaye classic.

In this clip, "Round and Round" serves as the music bed and Gaye's soulful "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" vocal take replaces Stephen Pearcy's gritty snarl and nothing sounds amiss. There's even a bit of lyrical similarities, though Ratt opted to sing about finding love (or maybe just lovin'), while Gaye takes on the pain of discovering he's about to lose his lover. So, with a bit of thematic inversion, this mashup works on multiple levels.

The Ratt cut comes from the band's debut album, Out of the Cellar, which has been certified triple platinum in the U.S., largely on the back of "Round and Round" and iconic music video featuring comedian Milton Berle. It was the highest charting song of the glam outfit's career, ascending to No. 12 on the Billboard charts upon release.

If Gaye were still alive today, he might have been fielding a call to front Bobby Blotzer's version of Ratt should the band endure yet another lineup change. After a lengthy battle, the back and forth over who has the right to use the Ratt name mercifully appears to be over with classic members Pearcy, Juan Croucier, Warren DeMartini expected to tour under the moniker in 2018.

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