We're talking multiple levels of track here people! Who's ready to plan a road trip?!?!

Get ready to have the opportunity to live out your childhood (or adult, I'm not judging) fantasies!

Clifton Hill, which is essentially like the boardwalk of Niagara Falls filled with all kinds of fun games and attractions, is currently in the process of building a "Mario Kart" style go kart track that they are calling Niagara Speedway! While you won't be able to drop banana peels, pop balloons, or launch turtle shells at fellow go-karters, NARCITY says "It will take the go-kart experience to the next level with a 4-storey corkscrew and multiple elevated coaster sections."

Look, I am normally terrible at Mario Kart and video games in general, but in an actual vehicle on this killer track, I think I could dominate the competition. The track is scheduled to open to the public sometime in the Spring of 2018 so there is plenty of time to work on getting your passport or enhanced license and plan a trip to test out your skills IRL!