We have all seen the commercials for the Reebok easy tone shoes.  They promise to help shape your leg and buttock muscles, but there is one thing wrong with that claim.  The shoes don't actually work, and now the shoe company has to pay a ton of money to customers who bought them.


A few years ago when the Reebok came out with their easy tone shoes, women across the world thought it would be an easy way to work out their lower body while just doing everyday things.  Turns out that Reebok was totally taking advantage of everyone because the US Federal Trade Commission has determined that these shoes don't tone anything.

Reebok decided that rather than get into a big legal battle, they would just settle.  That settlement will see the company, which is part of Adidas, pay out nearly $25 million in customer refunds for the false claims.    A representative from Adidas say that they don't agree with the FTC's claims, and that settling was just easier.

BBC news reports that this comes just 3 months after Reebok was busted by the Advertising Standards Authority for saying that their Zigtech shoes helped relax blood vessels and boost oxygen levels.  Those claims could also not be proven.

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