Today (Nov. 2) we remember keyboardist Keith Emerson would have been 73.

Bands like Iron Maiden and Dream Theater have cited Emerson, Lake & Palmer among their influences. Keith Emerson is widely regarded as one of the top keyboard players of the progressive rock era and one of the greatest, and most technically accomplished keyboardist’s in rock history. Emerson formed ELP out of London in 1970, along with singer/guitarist Greg Lake and drummer Carl Palmer. They were one of the most popular and commercially successful progressive rock bands of the 1970’s.

ELP’s sound was dominated by the sound of Emerson’s keyboard playing including the Hammond organ and Moog synthesizer. Following the breakup of ELP in 1979, Emerson had modest success with Emerson, Lake & Powell (with drummer Cozy Powell) in the 1980’s. Emerson, Lake & Palmer reunited in the early 1990’s and released an album called Black Moon in 1992. I recall seeing Emerson, Lake & Palmer in concert, playing to a full house at The Chance in Poughkeepsie in summer of 1998. It was a warm up show for the band's upcoming tour with Deep Purple and Dream Theater. An amazing show it was!  The band broke up again after the summer 1998 tour and would once again reunite for a 40th anniversary concert in London in 2010. Sadly, Keith Emerson took his own life on March 11, 2016. Listen to the classic Emerson, Lake & Palmer track "Karn Evil 9-1st Impressions" below.

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