We told you this was going to be a thing. On the heels of Phillip Raupach’s 8-bit re-dubbing of the 'Matrix Reloaded’'s famous fight scene, YouTube member Ozzy Man has created a 'Game of Thrones' video featuring retro game sound effects.

Warning: Major Game of Thrones Season 4 spoilers ahead!

Whereas the 8-bit Matrix took a single, prolonged scene and replaced all the dialogue and sound effects with sounds from old games, this video, entitled “Game of Thrones S4 Retro Gaming Style,” does the same with all the best scenes from the most recent season of HBO’s critically-acclaimed fantasy series. Shocking and momentous scenes like the Purple Wedding, the battle between Oberyn and The Mountain, the death of Lysa Arryn and Daario Naharis’ battle at the gate of Mereen are made somewhat less powerful with the addition of sound effects from Punch-Out!!, Super Mario World, Mortal Kombat 3, Killer Instinct and DOOM. They are, however, made much funnier, giving the usually grave show an absurd bit of levity.

Judging from his YouTube channel, Ozzy Man is a huge Game of Thrones fan, with tons of recap videos and alternate cuts of shows, like one that keeps a certain, charismatic Dornish prince from having his head popped like bubble wrap. With his love of the source material, his keen audio editing skills, and over 175,000 views in four days, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more Game of Thrones seasons get the retro-audio treatment.

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