Have you ever injured one of you hands? If so, you know how hard it is to do everyday tasks. Imagine being a guitarist, and not being able to play due to an injury. Well, this very thing happened to Rev Theory guitarist Julien Jorgensen, and it has forced the Massachusetts quintet to cancel their spot on the Share the Welt Tour with Five Finger Death Punch, All That Remains and Hatebreed.

How it happened is kind of a funny story- a freak accident even. Jorgensen was recently at a wedding in Las Vegas, and was standing too close to someone who was attempting to open a bottle of beer- without a bottle opener. Jorgensen was unfortunately the nearest thing, and was hit by the bottle and caps shrapnel, which tore up the tendon in his left hand.

Despite undergoing surgery to repair the damage, the healing process for a torn hand tendon is longer than what you would think, which means no tour for Rev Theory. The show must go on though, and the tour kicks off October 16 in San Francisco.

The band is very disappointed that they cannot be part of this exciting tour, but everything happens for a reason, so hopefully something good will come out of this.

The article includes a comment made by Jorgensen:

I am super bummed that happened, and it is a freak accident. It is a helpless feeling. I feel bad about dropping off the tour and disappointing the fans. As soon as I am able, we will be back on the road, the guitarist said. A press release stated that the bottle slipped, shattered on the edge, and sliced the guitarist's left hand on the follow through.

Hopefully Jorgensen makes a full and speedy recovery. Here's a lesson: always use a bottle opener, and never stand too close to the dumb dumb who's trying to open a bottle with just their hands.

What do you think about Rev Theory having to cancel their tour?