After the San Francisco Giants won the 2012 MLB World Series the fans took the streets in what they took to the streets with their version of a riot. But not this dude!

When the world is conforming all around you and acting ridiculous most people would join in. I got to hand it to this dude for not involving himself in what this folk from San Francisco think is a riot. Yes your team won and you’re excited but there’s no need to be on top of a bus. Take a note from this dude sitting in his seat like a normal human being celebrating the win like everyone else should. He’s Cleary texting all his friends and tweeting about how awesome it is he won $50 or perhaps he’s securing a booty call for later that night.

PS: How sorry is this riot?  I’ll be honest I’m impressed there aren’t any leather harness men,  ball gagged and twirling glow sticks. But still this is rather weak for a riot. Tap dancing on a bus is just Childs play. Grow up San Fran!



Now Albany knows how to riot! Take some notes San Francisco!