A couple from Rochester had no objections to their recent wedding ceremony but it did get off to a Rocky start when their dog "Rocky" escaped the church as their nuptials were set to begin.

When I was a kid, probably from age 8 to 18, I had a dog named Friskey. She was a Keeshond, which is a breed originating from Holland named after a Dutch Patriot. Sounds very regal doesn't it? The reality is that my family purchased the pup at a local shopping mall. In the 1970's and 1980's it was common for "pet stores" to be located next to the mall movie theater and Orange Julius as an example.

Whether you found your pet in a strip mall or directly from a Dutch Patriot, the second you see them they become part of the family. You feed them, keep them happy and healthy and protect them harm like you would your own children. Could you imagine losing your child? Lost on a hike, at an amusement park or even that mall. I would be heartbroken.


The Woodward's planned to have Rocky not only attend the wedding but to be part of it as well. They decided to go forward with their ceremony but were distracted with thoughts of Rocky. Where did he run off to? Will he come back? Will they find him? All of the answers would have to wait.

When we got her, Friskey was such a little one that she had difficulty walking from the checkout counter to our red AMC Matador station wagon without getting winded. It never dawned on me that she could wander off one day or get lost and not find her.

Two nights and three days went by filled with social media posts asking if anyone had seen Rocky. FINALLY, with the help of friends, family, rescuers, traps and even KFC Rocky was found! One pooped pup and some minor cuts fade quickly once a family is reunited.

Today I get to spend most days with my girlfriends Chesapeake Bay Retriever "Mondo". As long as we have food or a stick he won't be running too far way. For which we are fortunate.


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