Rats and mice were being hoarded at three different homes in Niagara County until the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society stepped in, some of the rats and mice are pregnant (the female ones) and soon the Niagara Rodent Hoard's numbers will be in the thousands.

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The question is why? Why did this person or these people need all of these rodents?

At first I thought that whoever was hoarding the rodents was doing it to counter the planned Women's March on Washington because they can't march if they are all jumping on chairs.

Then I thought that this is the work of the Rat King! and that the Ninja Turtles will take care of this for sure, then I noticed that the rodent hoarding was not going on in New York City but Western New York so I thought it was that Willard guy, I have never seen that movie so I don't know how to stop him or his rodents. I have not seen Crispin Glover in any recent movies so the Willard theory is no too far off.

The most logical theory is that these rodents were being hoarded so that they could be made into chicken nuggets, tenders, soup and patties. You make think it's gross but take this into consideration: We have been unknowingly eating rat and mice meat thinking it's chicken for years, we must like it then.

In conclusion: Someone is out to get me because the rescued rodents are coming the the Latham Pet Smart, I live in Clifton Park now but my folks still live in Latham, why are they out to get me? Because I know about the rat and mice meat conspiracy.




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