It's not the first time the Capital Region has landed on this list, but still, yikes.

And of course, when I read this news, I automatically started listening to "Rats" by Ghost, so at least there's a good rock song to go with it.  According to a recent list that CNY Central reported on, the Capital Region has landed on a list of the Top 50 "Rattiest" cities in the nation.

We kind of got clumped in as the "Albany-Schenectady-Troy" region, landing at number 47 on the list.  The good news is we moved down in place, not up.  In fact, we moved down a whole 15 places.  A couple spots in New York made the list, including Syracuse, Buffalo, and of course New York City.  I've seen them all over in NYC, but I honestly have yet to see a rat in the Capital Region.  You can check out more info here.