Of all the problems in the Capital Region, this week the focus is on crows.

Really. The birds.  I had no clue they were an issue, but apparently so.  So much of an issue apparently that resources are being spent to try and get rid of roosts of crows.  According to cbs 6 Albany, wildlife biologists are going to be working with the City of Albany on this project.

What exactly is a roost? I had not clue until I looked it up- it's a place where birds get together to sleep.  I guess the issue here is that the crows are roosting, and leaving droppings and creating a ruckus.  I don't really know about this, I like crows, and I've never been bothered by their 'ruckus.'  I also like rock music and everything dark and eerie.  But nonetheless, it's pretty interesting how the city and biologists are going to be getting rid of these roosts.  They'll be using pyrotechnics, spotlights, and lasers among other things to scare the birds away according to cbs 6 Albany.  I'll stick with my pyrotechnics at a Metallica show, thank you!