I don’t know why the paper delivery lady is all upset about seeing some good old fashion featherless baby bird, that was a gift and she should have appreciated it!

Rotterdam Police arrested 63-year-old George H. Hughes for allegedly exposing him self several times to a female newspaper carrier. Police say George McWhip-it-out Hughes had been intentionally standing in his window exposed as his carrier would deliver his morning paper.

I assume this is similar to technique used to lour in a stray cat to become your pet. Leave the door open with a bowl of tempting food thinking oh its okay little kitty, this here Friskies is all for you! Except in this case the cat is an adult women trying to do her job and the bowl of Friskies is his old wrinkled dork. Some people just don’t appreciate a good freebie when they see it.

George H. Hughes a member of the South Schenectady Fire Department is looking at one count of Public Lewdness, and other charges relating to the incident are pending.