What to do when you’re drunk and board in Russia? How about chop off a homeless Dude’s head and then use it to play soccer? I would really like to act shocker after reading this story from NYDN but after all the crazy things I have seen come out of Russia in the past year it’s really hard to. Russia is flat out the craziest place on earth. I should rephrase that, Russia is the craziest place on earth with dashboard cams and vodka. People high jack bulldozers, jump off buildings for fun and asteroids explode in the sky. Now to add to the long list of insanity two board drunken teenagers wanted to play soccer but found they had no ball to do so. So obviously the only Russian logical solution was to cut off some poor saps head and kick it around. After all, he wasn't; really using it properly anyways right?


Stories like this make me so pumped for the 2014 winter Olympics. No way anything crazy happens in super normal Russia, right?