This was my first shot at interviewing solo in the 27 years that I've been on this radio station.  It's fun to try something new, and I couldn't have had a better guest to do this with.

My guest was Ruth Tietz,  the Director of Marketing and Development for Baptist Health Systems.   We actually go way back. There's a strong WGNA connection with Ruth.   She used to be the marketing director years ago.   As I think of it, she might've been the first one to organize Countryfest for us!   There's something to put on your resume!

They do some fantastic things at this center.   One of them is the "Dreams Can Come True Program" which is like a Make-A-Wish or bucket list program for senior citizens. It's part of the Baptist care fund.

photo by Ruth Tietz


Here is my complete interview with Ruth.


I thank her for her time.  I hope I didn't make too many gaffs in front of her, but then again, she remembers me - gaffs are my life.


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