Apparently she missed the many warnings we have been given recently to stay away from the bears in the Capital Region ...

Seriously I have seen no less than 3 reports in the last two weeks or so reminding people to stay clear of the bears that have been sighted around the Capital Region recently, undoubtedly preparing to hibernate for winter. In fact I recently read about a Catskill woman who was ticketed for feeding bears coming into her yard dog food and bird seed.

Well according to News10 late yesterday evening a woman spotted a bear cub swimming in the Great Sacandaga Lake near the I-GO-Inn and she took it upon herself to wade into the water and pull the cub out. Apparently the bear wasn't too keen on the idea and seems to have bitten or scratched her. Don't worry it appears the injuries were minor and is expected to make a full recovery.

Now at the time of this writing there was no word on weather the bear cub was in distress or not but I think even if it was she probably should have made a phone call and left the rescue up to the professionals. She's real lucky that mama bear wasn't near by to protect her cub.

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