The plan to be rid of the ugly looking former night club may seem like a waste at first but should help out considerably.

A nightclub that has been out of business for a few years now and as you may remember was a hot spot for police visits at one point. Fast forward a few years and the property lays vacant. With that in mind what is the best way to re-purpose the building. Renovate to a new night club? Turn it into apartments? Nope and nope. Sell it for $1,000 and turn it into a parking lot.

A county wide company by the name of Metroplex is the business that will purchase the lot and demolish the building. A parking lot will be built in its place and in theory its actually is a great thing. A much needed parking lot is a necessity for Downtown Schenectady.

Schenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy had this to say about the sale of the property and how it is being re-purposed,

“This is another blighted property that we are pleased to be rid of,” he said. “When the club was operational, there were many police calls to this location. The city, county and Metroplex are working together to rid Schenectady of derelict properties like this one.” DAILY GAZETTE

More exacts and details at the blog post Daily Gazette posted in the link below.