The best food city in Upstate New York lies right here in the Capital Region! Find out just why Schenectady made it to the top of the list and what other Capital Region city managed to score a spot on the list.

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Writer Chuck D'Imperio is the author of a book titled "A Taste of Upstate New York: A Guide to 40 Treasures" so he knows a thing our two about some great places to eat in Upstate New York. After going over some of his notes from his food adventures in Upstate New York over the years he compiled a list of the 12 Best Food Cities in Upstate New York and much to my surprise Schenectady takes his top spot on the list.

He sites a steak submarine sandwich at Morrette's as a "Crown Jewel Dish" in the Electric City, Ferrari's Italian Ristorante as a "Bucket List Restaurant" to try, and suggests a homemade cannoli from Perreca's Bakery as a "Surprise Treat". However, the fact that Schenectady is home to a huge array of great ethnic food really solidified their spot at the top.

You can read more about what he had to say about Schenectady as food city, see the full list, and find out what spot Saratoga comes in on the list by clicking HERE.

I don't know about you but I defiantly need to make more of an effort to sample the delicious fare in Schnect and find out first hand why they top the list!