Bummed that Labor Day weekend marks the (unofficial) end of summer?  On this weeks Free Advice Friday we look on the bright side of summer coming to an end ...

So Labor Day weekend is here! Yay for the long weekend where theoretically, you will not have to do any actual laboring, but also boo because it means that summer is basically over.

I know that it is kind of a bummer when summer ends but there are some upsides to moving on to a new season. Think of it this way, you get this last weekend to get in all the family summer fun that you can and then once this weekend is over you can get back into your routine and maybe even get a little YOU time because the kids, the kids are going back to school!

On this weeks Free Advice Friday we've got some ideas on what you can do with yourself if you find yourself with a little extra time on your hands once the kids head back to class!

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