Imagine you're walking through a hospital and you see Rambo and the Terminatorside by side in bed.  What comes to mind first?  "Schwarzenegger and Stallone must be filming a movie." Or, "This place is about to get torn up, ruuuuuunn!"  Turns out, the action stars were actually in the hospital for surgeries at the same time and neither knew they would end up being roomies. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger , in the hospital last week to get his shoulder worked on, happened to see Sylvester Stallone waiting in line behind him to have shoulder surgery as well.  The two action icons are getting set to film their next movie together, The Tomb.  It wasn't a movie scene, a stunt or a hidden camera show  - the two had no idea they'd be laying next to each other in the hospital.

Check out the pic that Arnold Tweeted:

Brings up the question - Rambo or Terminator? Who wins?