No lie, this woman backed up a pretty prominent musician by playing a pair of craft scissors.

So last week Noel Gallagher, who used to be in that band Oasis with his brother Liam Gallagher (they hate each other now), appeared on the long running BBC2 show Later… with Jools Holland to promote his new album "Who Built the Moon?". Seems pretty standard so far right?

Well, while he was on the show he performed a new song called "She Taught Me How to Fly". Also, still pretty standard ... that is until about a minute into the performance you get a better view of his band and there it is. A woman with a bowl cut opening and closing a pair of scissors into a microphone.

Later... with Jools Holland, Series 51 (Live), Episode 6
Later... with Jools Holland, Series 51 (Live), Episode 6

Alright that's it. I think I can finally become a "musician".

I mean you could totally give me some lessons and teach me how to play an instrument. That I can pick up but actually creating music that's another story. However, I think I can totally contribute some pretty sweet 'snip, snip, snips' to the next big hit! Had I known playing the scissors in a band where an option I would have been all over this one along time ago.

Naturally, Noel's brother Liam had an opinion on the new addition to his brothers band ... as transcribed by Consequence of Sound:

“I’m gonna have someone sharpening a pencil at my gig. It’s gonna properly blow people’s minds,” Liam quipped. “Or, I’ll peel a banana or something live on air, that’ll be good. Maybe get a sticker book out and like, put stickers in it. With a load of reverb on it, and with the right crowd and if you give them enough booze, I think it’ll go down well.”


“It’s alright if you’re twenty and you’re off your head on mushrooms, but the guy’s fifty now,” Liam said of his brother and former bandmate. “You know what I mean? If he’s really trying to convince people that playing scissors is the right way to go about business, he needs to have a big, long, lie down.”

Noel is actually coming to North America in early 2018 if you are interested in checking out his scissor player in person. You think I could get him to let me sit in on a date or two when they come around these parts?

02/13 – Philadelphia, PA @ Merriam Theater
02/15 – New York, NY @ Radio City Music Hall
02/17 – Boston, MA @ Opera House
02/18 – Montreal, QC @ Place des Arts/Salle Wilfrid Pelletier
02/20 – Toronto, ON @ Sony Centre for the Performing Arts