As the state of New York prepares for the sale of marijuana, many local cities, towns, and villages have opted out of having dispensaries.

While many were thrilled with New York's decision to legalize marijuana, there are many local municipalities that are deciding to not have it in their districts for the time being. Whether it is selling the recreational drug or allowing consumption sites, for various reasons many Capital Region cities, villages, and towns are deciding to stay away from legal marijuana until the smoke clears.

According to The Rockefeller Institute of Government, local municipalities have until December 31st to declare their borders a no-go for legal weed. They can always decide to opt back in at a later date if they. Many are deciding to opt-out at this point because the Rockeller institute says there is still not complete clarity from the state on "..regulations for marijuana businesses." So it seems many areas are taking a wait-and-see approach.

Which Cities, Towns, and Villages Have Opted Out of Marijuana Businesses?

Rockefeller currently tracking the opt-in status of every city, town, and village in the state, and here are all of the Captial Region municipalities who have opted out of marijuana within their borders. Knowing that opt-outs are still being discussed and mulled over throughout the Capital Region, there will most likely be more localities added to this list in the weeks ahead before the December 31st decision deadline.

Capital Region Cities, Towns, & Villages Opted-Out Of Marijuana Sales

As New York prepares to roll out marijuana dispensaries, the following 22 Capital Region municipalities have opted out of marijuana sales and businesses for the time being according to the Rockefeller Institute of Government. Cities and towns can decide to opt-in down the road if they choose.

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