We caught up with Shinedown's Zach Myers ahead of their set at SPAC last night to get the 411 on the tour, the new record, and the band. Check it out!

Last night the Capital Region got treated to a killer evening of rock tunes from Godsmack, Shinedown, and Red Sun Rising. If you missed the show you truly missed out on an incredible evening of live music. However, don't worry because I can almost guarantee that these rock bands have every intention of bringing the rock as long as they can!

Actually both Godsmack and Shinedown have dropped new records recently and we got a chance to catch up with Shinedown's Zach Myers ahead of last night show to talk a little bit about Shinedown's new record 'Attention! Attention!' including the heavy subject matter of the record dealing with mental health issues, how he (and the band) try to stay grounded dealing and talking about that on a daily basis, touring with Godsmack, local brews, breaking records and more. Click play above to hear our conversation and check out some highlights below from last nights show!




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