It doesn't matter what side of the political spectrum you fall on - you can agree on one thing: you're sick of politics. We're sick of them too, especially on Facebook. Good news though, you can hide everything political thanks to some guys with pocket protectors. So the 47% stuff was insulting, Big Bird was hilarious as were the horses and bayonets. But ENOUGH already. We kinda liked the binders of women but other than that we're so sick of politics. Are you? Of course you are. We have a solution called UnPolitiMe. You have to use the Chrome (the Google browser) and install it is a plugin. Every time something posts anything political on Facebook or Twitter, it automatically replaces it with more awesome things - like kitty cats and bacon.

Unfortunately this will do nothing for local elections. It's good thing Mayor Jennings isn't up for reelection this year or else you'd have to see his smiling, orange face everyplace. You might mistake him for the lost Teletubby. Perhaps next year they'll figure out a way to hide local elections.

Also, if you hate the parade of baby pictures, the same heroes of the internet have their flagship product Unbaby me which works the same way.

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