This makes me pretty sad, I'm not going to lie.

The Saratoga racing season just started a week and a half a go and during that short amount of time 4 horses have died and that's not including the two that passed prior to the season starting.

The most recent death happened yesterday when during a race a horse named "Domestic Warrior's" leg buckled and according to WNYT suffered a fracture and the poor horse was euthanized right there on the track!

Now I've been one to enjoy a day at the track here and there but to be honest I was pretty ignorantly unaware of a darker side of the fun. I'm not entirely knowledgeable as to the circumstances of all of the casualties at the track this year but in this instance a horse broke it's leg. Is that really a good enough reason to end it's life right there in front of everyone? Could the horse not have recuperated and finished out it's life on a farm or at a horse sanctuary?

Let's hope we can finish out the season without further instances such as these.