I haven’t seen devastation of this magnitude, since the great chipmunk fire of ’79! Even though they lack thumbs, snakes can burn down our homes! A woman In Bowie County, TX was doing yard work on Will Smith road when she was startled by a snake. Instead of letting the snake slither away or whacking it with a shovel she did the only logical thing a person could do and light the snake on fire. Because everyone knows the fasts way to react to a snake in your yard is to fetch a can of gasoline and a blow torch and send the serpent back to Hades! Well all was good news until the snake escaped into the brush pile while on fire. The brush set on fire and so did the ladies house and her neighbors. So let’s check the score board here. Snake sans life, lady sans house. Pretty even match if you ask me.

PS: what is with this town in Texas? Is everything named after famous people? Bowie county? Will Smith road? Is that anywhere near Mick Jagger falls?

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