Justin Timberlake was back as host and with him was one of the craziest performers on the scene right now, Lady Gaga.


Everything about the season finale of Saturday Night Live was fantastic.  From the host to the musical guest it was one of the best shows they put on in a long time.  Justin Timberlake was the host, and I wish he would just be a regular on the show because he owns it every single time he's on.  Last night was no exception.  Also surprisingly funny was Lady Gaga who was involved in several skits last night including a hilarious digital short.

Right from the opening monologue it was nonstop funny.  One of the best things they did was bring back one of Timberlake's best characters which is the store mascot, but instead of Omletville this time, he was representing Liquorville.  He did have a little help from Lady Gaga in this one, very funny. He also did a brand new digital short with Andy Samberg doing those 90's R&B guys that we have all grown to love over the years.  Another sketch I was very happy to see again was Timberlake and guest Jimmy Fallon doing The Barry Gibb Talk Show.  Always one of my favorites and they finally brought it back!

Lady Gaga was a great musical performer too.  She can actually sing!  I may not like her weirdo outfits, but I do dig her music. So if you missed the season finale of the SNL, then I hope it's sitting in your DVR box because it was the best episode of the season.  If not, here are some great clips from last night.

For more SNL videos from last night click here.

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