If you live in the capital district, you may be like me:  snowed in!  It's probably the best decision.  With this, I'm starting my New Year's resolution early!

New Year's resolution #1:  Try to make the best of every situation.

I spent 3 hours this morning shoveling half of my driveway before someone came to help me snowblow the second half.  I certainly needed the exercise after this holiday season and it felt good to get that fresh air!  I was supposed to go into work today to work overtime (Mondays are my day off from my office job), but I had to call in due to my car being blocked in up until about half an hour ago.  No worries with that either, I'll make up the overtime through the rest of the week and now this gives me time today to get some other stuff done that I need to accomplish!  It's also best to keep off of these roads anyway.  The snowplow has not come down this side street in Albany since about 8am and with all of the wind, shoveling, snowblowing, driveway plowing, and travel it is completely covered again.  The news has also said not to travel if you don't have to due to the wind blowing the snow out over the highways, it's best to keep as many people off of the roads as possible. 

I believe that I have passed my first test of my New Years resolution!  How about you?

Now, hopefully the roads will be clear by 7am so I can make it to work tomorrow!

Keep safe, and please don't travel today if it's not necessary!

This guy is not going anywhere until about April!