I am a soldier from the future. I was sent back in time from the year 2015. January 28th 2015. We have flying cars and platters of fruit that lower from your kitchen ceiling when you say, "Fruit please, fruit, fruit please."


I was sent here from the future, from January 28, 2015 to January 26 2015. I was sent here to warn the east coast, that they have been targeted for Snowmination in the future, well later today and tomorrow. Alex Winter A.K.A. Bill S Preston Esquire, will use his super powers to generate winter, because his last name is winter, to unleash a massive blizzard on the East Coast. People will assume that it is just the weather, that it is just nature, but that is exactly what Alex Winter wants us to think.

Alex Winter is in control of the weather and this is just the beginning of his war on the humans. The storm will activate the nuclear weapons hidden under Gillette Stadium, by Bill Belichick, in case the Patriots got caught cheating. Alex Winter is doing this because no one remembers Alex Winter but everyone remembers Keanu Reeves. He will launch a nuclear missile at Hilldale, California. So that he can eliminate Marty McFly and Doc Brown. So that we will not have flying cars and a fruit platter that lowers from the ceiling when we say "Fruit please, fruit please."

How will a blizzard activate a nuclear missile and guide it toward Hill Dale, California? The Matrix, the "Winter Matrix" that is the alternate "Matrix" movie starring Alex Winter and not Keanu Reeves.

This attack will launch a series of nuclear missiles being launched in what will be known as the "Nuclear Alex Winter" and it will cover America in snow. Then no one will buy anything from China, and the world economy will collapse and Alex Winter will rise to power as ruler of the world!

The only way we can stop Alex Winter, is by watching "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure." On Netflix, it's still going to snow, but in order to prevent the "Alex Winter Storm" that will launch the "Nuclear Alex Winter" is to remember Alex Winter.


If I fail in my mission, there will be no flying cars or platters of fruit that lower from the ceiling when you say "Fruit please, fruit please."