Yeah, it's that guy.

Last winter, we got a lot of snow, like, record amounts. At the same time, a drought was affecting some parts of the country. Some dude in Mass started selling the snow online. Dude did well. He sold over 700 pounds of snow, which is mostly air, so more snow than I want to think about.

This year, he's selling leaves, according to Yahoo News. Seriously,this dude is selling leaves, three at a time for $20. That's one red, one yellow and one green. In a few weeks, my lawn is going to be worth so much money.

I'm not sure if "seasonal monetization opportunities" is real or not. On the one hand, there's a red line under the word 'monetization', and if I can't trust that little squiggly red line, most of my life has been a lie. On the other hand, if it is real, what could you sell during Spring and Summer? Sand? Sunlight? Don't you dare steal my idea to patent sunlight.

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