Some things you never expect to read. Thankfully with so much negative, this is a good unexpected thing. Washington's hair at Union? But why?

I have always been a history buff. For me, this is flat-out cool. It may seem a little odd that his hair was found inside of an almanac at a library on the Union College Campuses. In fairness though, according to Smithsonian, it wasn't so odd to receive locks of hair as a gift some centuries ago. I don't think I will be leaving my hair behind when I die. Then again I doubt I will ever gain the prestige of Washington.

The biggest question: Is it real? Quoted from the Times Union,

“Without DNA, you’re never positive, but I believe it’s 100 percent authentic,” -TIMES UNION

That take comes from a noted manuscript and document dealer, John Reznikoff. Read much more detail on the discovery of a lock of hair from the first president at the link below.